The Niapele Project Goes CarbonFree!

Press Release

The Niapele Project is proud to announce a step forward in our commitment to environmentally responsible initiatives by offsetting our carbon emissions with, one of the country’s leading carbon offset organizations. As a CarbonFree™ Small Business Partner, we offset carbon emissions from our business operations and travel through the support of’s renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects.

Our mission to promote sustainable strategies for the empowerment of vulnerable refugee children, through the development of community-based initiatives compels us to be accountable for our impact on the planet.

"Each member of The Niapele Project staff has witnessed the effects of limited access to clean drinking water and a lack of sanitation in West Africa. Whether we work in the field or from our home offices, we remain aware of our personal and professional impact on the planet. We believe that the success of our empowerment strategies is intrinsically connected to a commitment to social and environmental sustainability,” said Celina Guich, co-founder and director of The Niapele Project.

“To this end, The Niapele Project has begun a partnership with to offset our carbon footprint and neutralize our impact on the environment. This is a natural extension of our work on behalf of refugee children and our imperative to promote sustainable development.”

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