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The Niapele Project -"The Children's Project"-is an effort to support and aid vulnerable children and war-affected youth, empowering them to become strong and able individuals. Because we believe in holistic, sustainable solutions, The Niapele Project strives to integrate best practices into all of our work, by encouraging women's empowerment, local ownership and leadership, as well as environmentally sound practices.



The Niapele Project engages in innovative partnerships with local community leaders and grassroots organizations who share our values and vision of a sustainable future for vulnerable children.

We work with local leaders in order to strengthen the fabric of communities, an essential element of a vibrant and open civil society. The services provided by local organizations are indispensable in places where government capacity is limited; in addition, by assisting the local leadership in developing a sustainable approach to community work, The Niapele Project contributes to the overall vitality of the communities in which we operate.

We aim to provide our partners with multidimensional support - helping them to develop long term strategies for sustainability and independence, assist them in strengthening their organizational capacity through the provision of skills and management training, expertise and advice, as well as vital financial support.

The Niapele Project engages with local government, as well as local and international NGOs working in areas of reintegration, poverty reduction, and post conflict development.


The primary objectives of the partnerships that we establish are:

1.         Develop strategies that ensure long term sustainability and independence for partner organizations.

2.         To provide partners with the tools needed to reach this goal.

To achieve these objectives, we:

 Provide capacity building support

> Computer literacy training

> Management/administration/leadership training

> Skills training workshops

Provide and leverage financial support

A majority of the funds we raise go towards general and operational funding for partners, with the objective of achieving self-sustainability

The Niapele Project assists its partner organizations in diversifying revenue streams and in accessing sustainable financing/funding

Provide expertise and advice

Network with experts that can offer services in implementing strategies and identifying best practices

Emphasize skills transfers so that training is sustained


In Liberia, The Niapele Project cooperates with national and international agencies for effective coordination. Partnered with the Liberian Refugee Resettlement & Reintegration Commission, The Niapele Project works closely with the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, the Ministry of Education and other relevant agencies to insure that our efforts are in line with strategies in the areas of reintegration, poverty reduction, and post-conflict development

(read Liberia’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper)


The Niapele Project began operations in August 2007 in the Buduburam Refugee Settlement, Ghana where we established our first partnerships with community-based organizations. Following the precipitous closure of Buduburam in 2008, The Niapele Project has relocated its activities to Liberia.

 School Nutrition Initiative

This initiative is the result of a partnership with Vision Awake Africa for Development (VAAFD), which runs the Carolyn A. Miller Elementary School (CAMES). CAMES was founded in 2003 in the Buduburam refugee settlement, with the mission to provide a tuition-free education for the neediest children living in the refugee camp. The School Nutrition Initiative (SNI) provided daily meals for the 600+children studying at CAMES-Ghana during the 2007/2008 school year. Today, 400+ children of CAMES and 60 children sponsored by the MacDella Cooper Foundation are eating daily meals, with food sourced from a local agricultural co-op (read more)

 Happy Family Center for Disabled Children

The Happy Family Center for Disabled Children (HapFam) is a unique community-based effort to provide support and assistance for chilren with disabilities and their families, all the while promoting greater acceptance and inclusion of children with disabilities in the community.

HapFam is the Liberian extension of the refugee-run Harmony Children's Center, based in the Buduburam refugee settlement. Its mission is to improve the well-being and livelihoods of children with physical and mental disabilities, who are typically marginalized from their communities (read more)

In December 2010, The Niapele Project and HapFam launched the first center for children with disabilities in Libeiera. You can view photos from the inauguration here.


 "Malaya" means "help me" in the Kissi dialect of Liberia. According to the leadership of Malaya, the name of the organization suggests helping oneself and helping one another: a true community effort, this organization is an example of the ability and drive of war-affected people to solve their own problems and raise themselves out of chronic poverty.

In September 2009, Niapele became Malaya's first reliable wholesale purchaser of crops. All of the commodities for the School Nutrition Initiative are sourced from Malaya.

Niapele's partnership with Malaya extends beyond the purchasing relationship, however, and we are assisting the women's group in acquiring the necessary business and technical skills to develop a profitable, sustainable agricultural enterprise. (Read more)

Advocacy, Human Rights & Civic Empowerment

The Niapele Project believes that a brighter future for young generations depends on the ability of individuals to be informed, engaged and active citizens. In our advocacy role, we:

 - Helped create the Buduburam Refugee Concerns International platform;

- Commissioned two research projects from leading universities, Sciences-Po Paris and Yale University (not a public document), on refugee rights and reintegration;

- Support the sharing of information, knowledge and best practices with partners and similar organizations.

- Fiscal sponsorship: The Niapele Project is partnered with the US-based New Liberian, an online Liberian news magazine that reports on life in exile, human rights, health and politics in Liberia and about its citizens everywhere.

Read more on media and advocacy activities


Abandoned Refugee Children's Home

ARCH was a collaboration between the Niapele Project and Ms. Regina Krangar, who had been taking care of abandoned children in her own home at the Buduburam Refugee camp for many years. Between August 2007 and June 2009, The Niapele Project provided ARCH with funding, capacity-building workshops and support.  (read more)

Harmony Children's Center

The Harmony Children’s Center was founded at the Buduburam Refugee Settlement in Ghana in 2007 to meet the specific social, educational, and behavioral needs of disabled children and their families. From early 2008 through late 2009, The Niapele Project provided funding, training and capacity building for the families and staff of the Harmony Children's Center. Harmony continues to operate at the Buduburam Refugee Settlement in Ghana with the support of an American NGO working in the settlement. (read more)


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